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    Thank You Walk-a-Thon Volunteers!
    Posted on 06/14/2017

    The Walkathon was so fun!

    Thank you for your help, whether you set up the field, brought oranges and bananas, handed out snacks and water, counted all those laps, counted all that money, did an ice run, stored popsicles in your freezer, handed out out 450 popsicles, or cleaned up that field after it was all over. The whole day was amazing because of you and our students and teachers. The sunny, warm weather was the cherry on top.

    We raised over $18,000. And it looked like our students were having a great time pushing themselves to do as many laps as possible.

    Thank you all, you are so appreciated. Let's do it again next year!


    Heather Hart, BHIS PTA President

    P.S. We welcome your feedback on how we can improve or do the Walkathon differently. Please send it along to Heather Hart or Meri Joswiak. Thank you in advance!