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    Mission Statement

    The Beacon Hill International School PTA is dedicated to promoting the educational excellence, health, and welfare of all students and their families through advocacy, community-building, and enrichment programs. We are committed to creating leaders and lifetime learners.


    Every student achieving. Every family involved.

    What We Fund

    Our school relies on the PTA to contribute many of the programs which make the school special. Including the following:

    • 5th Grade Camp for all students
    • Multimedia art instruction for all grade levels
    • After School Sports instruction
    • Supply stipends for teachers and staff
    • PE Equipment for the gym
    • Volunteer Coordinator Meri Joswiack (
    • Childcare and Translators for school events
    • Staff appreciation day
    • Young Authors Day
    • Equipment: Smart Boards and Laminator
    • Library Assistant
    • Community building events
    • Chinese & Spanish Instructional Assistant Teachers
    • Materials for experiential science learning
    • Extra Playground Supervisor

    2014-15 Goals

    The PTA board has determined additional areas of focus for this year:

    1. Communication with Families
      The school and the PTA need to improve communication with families. We plan to explore the social media platform, website improvement, as well as other electric channels of communication including email and texting. We will also focus on translation strategies so that all families get the information they need.
    2. Parent Survey
      In partnership with BHIS teachers and leadership, we will be conducting a survey of parents and families in order to determine future areas of focus that will best serve our students and families.
    3. Walk-A-Thon Transition to Fall
      The PTA has been working with all South Seattle Schools to coordinate a region-wide walk-a-thon. The hope is to improve fundraising and marketing for all of the schools. This year the walk-a-thon will happen in the fall.
    4. Parent Education
      PTA will be hosting 5 parenting workshops for all BHIS parents.  The workshops will explore the topics of discipline, setting routine, positive reinforcement and communication strategies with children.
    5. Develop Fundraising Committee
      BHIS needs an active group of volunteer parents who are willing and capable of developing creative ways to broaden our reach into the Beacon Hill community, effectively reach our families and friends and increase our ability to raise money for the school.