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    BHIS PTA Membership

    Now is the time to join the Beacon Hill International School Parent Teacher Association (BHIS PTA). Everyone is welcome. Joining strengthens our school, but does not require you to attend meetings or serve on committees. When you join BHIS PTA, you become a part of a community that encourages student achievement and enriches the learning environment. We believe in building partnerships between our families and our school.

    BHIS PTA Mini Grant / Fiscal Sponsorship

    The BHIS PTA budget includes funds for Mini Grants of up to $200. This form MUST be used for funding requests that are not already part of the approved PTA budget for the current school year. Please submit this format least two months before you need a decision to allow time for a Board vote. You are encouraged to attend the Board meeting to present your request. This form may also be used by grant writers who are requesting PTA Fiscal Sponsorship. Download the PTA Grant Form.

    Teacher Stipend Reimbursement

    Teachers, use this form when submitting reimbursement requests for your annual stipend. Please submit within 60 days of purchase and attach the original receipts. Place the signed form and original receipts in the PTA treasurer mailbox.  Download the Teacher Stipend Reimbursement Form.

    General Expense Reimbursement

    Use this form when submitting miscellaneous receipts for reimbursement(not for check requests for vendors who submit an invoice). Please submit within 60 days of purchase and attach the original receipts.Place the signed form and original receipts in the PTA treasurer mailbox. Download the General Expense Reimbursement Form.

    Money Receipt and Tally Form

    This form is for tallying checks and cash received at fundraising events. The forms should be submitted to the treasurer along with the deposit amount. Download the Money Receipt and Tally Form.

    BHIS PTA Donation Receipt Request Form

    Beacon Hill PTA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization. Your generous monetary or in-kind donation is tax deductible. Please include this form with your donation, made out to Beacon Hill PTA, and mailed to the address shown above. Receipts will be automatically sent out for donations of $100 or more if you include this form. Or if you have already sent in your donation with a student’s fund raising envelope,just complete and submit this form to the BHIS Treasurer to have a receipt mailed to you. Download the BHIS PTA Donation Receipt Request Form.