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    A GREEN BHIS - Doing Our Part

    People are doing it at home and at the office, and your kids are doing it at school! We are part of a city-wide effort to reduce the garbage we send to the landfill by separating our food waste. We started the lunchroom food recycling program at Beacon Hill International School in the fall of 2009. Since then we have cut in half the trips a garbage truck has to make, as well as the amount of trash we send out to the landfill.

    “Beacon Hill went from (2) 6 -cubic yard containers a week to (1) 8-cubic yard container a week for refuse, as a result of the compost program at your school. That means that you've gone from 12 cubic yards a week to 8, which is really tremendous - a 30% reduction is a great success.” Carrie Ferrence, Resource Conservation Specialist, Seattle Public Schools.

    Congratulations go to the students and volunteers who have stewarded this program along the way.

    Yes, we can do more!

    • Ask your child(ren) to show you at home how they pract/ice conservation during lunchtime by separating food waste.
    • Ask your child(ren) to have lunch with you one day where they can show you how they practice conservation during lunchtime by separating food waste.
    • Be a Green Team volunteer - Contact Mary Thompson (, or Mary Howard Logel (

    Let’s all be part of the BHIS Green Team!

    Beacon Hill’s 2014-2015 Sustainability Team

    Sustainability team wearing tye dye shirts

    At the beginning of the school year twenty fifth grade students from Beacon Hill volunteered to become student leaders of our first ever “Sustainability Team”. The team’s mission is “to meet the needs of the present without compromising the needs of future generations”.

    The goals for the team are:

    1. Reduce waste in our classroom.
    2. Reduce waste in our school.
    3. Teach others about making less waste through composting and recycling.
    4. Lead a community project in our school and surrounding community that promote conservation and sustainable behaviors.

    During each lunch time, the team is responsible for monitoring and dumping our compost from our student’s lunches (as well as our staff room!). In November, the students created a How to Compost and Recycle video for our kindergarten and first graders. Each week, two new “Sustainability Tips” are announced to our entire school community.

    Mary Howard Logel is one of the Green Team's Lead Teachers.

    Beacon Hill International Green News March 2015

    The 5th grade Sustainability Team participated in the first ever Washington Global Issues Network Conference held at Chief Sealth International March 6-8, 2015.

    What is the Global Issues Network?

    Global Issues Network is a growing network of over 500 international, independent and public schools across the planet enabling student to create and lead project-based solutions to global problems.

    Leaders from our team were featured on the West Seattle blog article "Happening now: Washington Global Issues Network conference @ Chief Sealth" speaking with Seattle Public Schools Superintendent, Dr. Larry Nyland, about their work around composting and sustainability education in our school.

    The BHIS team was the only elementary school group that participated in the conference. They joined other middle and high schools students and community organizations from all over the country there to empower youth to take action on global and local issues.

    Congratulations to the Sustainability Leaders for doing a wonderful job educating the community about their work and showing that the youngest of students can make a difference!

    sustainability team at a conference