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    Purpose Statement

    The mission of the school library is to support students, families, staff and standards through information literacy and literacy skills instruction, reading advocacy and program management in an engaging, learning-focused, welcoming environment. READ! READ! READ! READ! READ!

    We aim to inspire reading and information gathering for pleasure and intellectual growth. A hub in the Beacon Hill International School community, we enthusiastically welcome all students, staff, and families.

    Beacon Hill International School Library's mission is to provide a place for the school community of students, staff, and families which will:

    • Encourage an appreciation for literature, reading, and libraries
    • Allow and encourage access to many forms of information
    • Support school staff in planning and teaching the curriculum


    Congratulations to our fabulous “Dolphin Readers” who participated in the 20th Annual Global Reading Challenge at the Downtown Seattle Public Library on Tuesday, March 10th. The Dolphin Readers used their intelligence and teamwork to miss only ONE QUESTION to earn second place. A round of applause goes to Josie G., Melanie U., Oona B., Jommel P., Lucia T., and Marisa C. for all their extra efforts and hard work!!

    Margaret Covey Excellence in Teaching Award

    Our library was awarded a $1,500 grant from the Margaret Covey Excellence in Teaching Award. We will use these monies to buy new books and replace our well-loved, well-worn treasurers for our library, A big thank you to the Covey family for their generous donation.

    Student reading a book

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    Contact Info

    Librarian: Mary Thompson
    Phone: 206-252-2712
    Main Office: 206-252-2700


    8:40 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.

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    Daily Library News

    We are open for families and students to check out every day except Friday before and after school. Books are generally due in one week, but students may check in/out books each day before and after school.

    Please encourage your child to use the library. Ask them what they checked out, help them bring books back in a timely manner, and of course, read with them and set up time for them to read to themselves.

    Class check out times are as follows:

    Monday: C-1, D-1, E-1, B-1, K-1, K-2, A-4*

    Tuesday: C-2, D-2, #-2, B-2

    Wednesday: C-3, D-3, E-3, B-3, K-3, K-4, A-3*

    Thursday: B-4, A-1*

    *Taught by Ms.Kumasaka

    Kindergarteners – 1 book
    1st Graders – 2 books
    2nd Graders – 3 book
    3rd Graders – 4 books
    4th Graders – 5 books
    5th Graders – 6 books
    Families – 5 books at a time

    Donations Accepted!

    We welcome any books that your family has outgrown or would love to share with our school community or if your child wants to trade a book they may use our “Trading Tower” where children trade books that they have outgrown.

    Volunteer Opportunities

    Beacon Hill International School Library has over 14,000 books, and receives hundreds of new books and other materials each year. This adds up to a lot of work! Ms. Thompson and Ms. Kumasaka are always looking for volunteers for these tasks.

    • Shelving - the easiest and most needed form of help. You can schedule a regular day to help, or just drop in and shelve a few minutes when you are in the building.
    • Special Projects- If you'd rather help by coming in once and a while to do something else this is a choice as well. You could stamp or cover new materials, take pictures for our library wall, or help organize the library.

    If you are interested in any of these please drop by the library, email or or call 252-2712.