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    Purpose Statement

    The mission of the school library is to support students, families, staff and standards through information literacy and literacy skills instruction, reading advocacy and program management in an engaging, learning-focused, welcoming environment. READ! READ! READ! READ! READ!

    We aim to inspire reading and information gathering for pleasure and intellectual growth. A hub in the Beacon Hill International School community, we enthusiastically welcome all students, staff, and families.

    Beacon Hill International School Library's mission is to provide a place for the school community of students, staff, and families which will:

    • Encourage an appreciation for literature, reading, and libraries
    • Allow and encourage access to many forms of information
    • Support school staff in planning and teaching the curriculum


    Congratulations to the Tabby Cats - Genesis, Jane, Violet, Mei Yin, Eloise, Aluel and Jocelyn -  the winners of our school Global Reading Challenge! 

    The Tabby Cats went on to represent Beacon Hill in the semi-final competition at the downtown public library. With an audience of over 250 watching, our Tabby Cats missed just two questions and came in third place.

    Well done Tabby Cats!


    If you have access to a computer, smart phone or tablet here are the links to e-book and audio versions of some of the Global Reading Challenge books

    The collected works on Overdrive and can be accessed here:



     Donors Choose Grant

    Our library has also received a grant from Donors Choose for the newest science titles for our library! Our students that have been able to check out our newest books have written thank you notes to our generous donors.

    Daily Library News

    During this time of closure here are some helpful links 

    SPS Online Resources

    Your child has access to many free, educational online resources such as audio books,encyclopedias, digital picture books, etc.  Follow these steps to access from home:

    Seattle Public School logo

    1. Open Browser/Chrome to  
    2. Select the Students tab and scroll down to Student Portal.  
    3. Select Log in with Active Directory.  
    4. 2nd-5th graders, enter their unique username and password  
    5. Click Sign In.
    6. K-1st graders (or if unique username doesn’t work), students enter the following generic info:

    username: studentsps password: access


    ONLINE RESOURCES for Students 

    Audible Stories free for children's books (Spanish & Chinese titles too)

    100 Read Aloud Videos

    Free Subscriptions for Students

    WCC Picture Book Nominees Read Aloud

    Writers & Illustrators offer writing & drawing tips ​

    Mo Willems and other authors offer drawing and writing tips


    Donations Accepted!

    We welcome any books that your family has outgrown or would love to share with our school community or if your child wants to trade a book they may use our “Trading Tower” where children trade books that they have outgrown.

    Volunteer Opportunities

    Beacon Hill International School Library has over 14,000 books, and receives hundreds of new books and other materials each year. This adds up to a lot of work! Ms. Thompson is always looking for volunteers for these tasks.

    • Shelving - the easiest and most needed form of help. You can schedule a regular day to help, or just drop in and shelve a few minutes when you are in the building.
    • Special Projects- If you'd rather help by coming in once and a while to do something else this is a choice as well. You could stamp or cover new materials, take pictures for our library wall, or help organize the library.

    If you are interested in any of these please drop by the library, email or call 252-2712.