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    Purpose Statement

    The mission of the school library is to support students, families, staff and standards through information literacy and literacy skills instruction, reading advocacy and program management in an engaging, learning-focused, welcoming environment. READ! READ! READ! READ! READ!

    We aim to inspire reading and information gathering for pleasure and intellectual growth. A hub in the Beacon Hill International School community, we enthusiastically welcome all students, staff, and families.

    Beacon Hill International School Library's mission is to provide a place for the school community of students, staff, and families which will:

    • Encourage an appreciation for literature, reading, and libraries
    • Allow and encourage access to many forms of information
    • Support school staff in planning and teaching the curriculum


    All Fourth and Fifth Graders are encouraged to participate in the Seattle Public Library's Global Reading Challenge. The Global Reading Challenge will be held in our school library on a date yet to be determined and teams of students will answer questions about ten selected books. The team with the most correct answers will go to the city semi-final at the downtown Seattle Public Library  to represent our school.

    This year's ten selected books are:

    I Survived the Battle of Gettysburg, 1863 by Lauren Tarshis – (historical fiction, slavery, Civil War) 89 pages

    Thomas and his sister Birdie are running for their lives, trying to escape the slave catchers and head North to safety. They run smack into troops heading for the Battle of Gettysburg, and witness one of the terrible events of The Civil War. (S, 660L)


    Who Was Bruce Lee? by Jim Gigliotti – (nonfiction, local history) 112 pages

    Local icon Bruce Lee’s short but highly influential life presented in the engaging format of the Who Was series of books. (R?, 890L)


    Skeleton Man by Joseph Bruchac (horror) 118 pages       

    Molly has a happy life with her parents, but one day they vanish, and she’s suddenly taken in by an uncle she’s never heard of before. He’s a strange character, too, with a terrifying resemblance to a traditional Mohawk monster story. She’ll have to stay smart, and pay attention to the lessons of her heritage in order to survive. (V, 730L) #ownvoices


    Kiki and Jacques by Susan Ross – (Somali immigrants, soccer) 144 pages

    Soccer fanatic Jacques is going through some hard times in his small town in Maine: his dad’s out of work again, his grandmother’s store is being threatened by the bank, and he’s experiencing some pressure from local bullies to get involved in illegal activities. Fortunately, this is the year that a community of Somali refugees arrive and he makes friends with a young girl, Kiki, and her family, something that leads to positive changes for everyone. (no leveling information) Written in partnership with #ownvoices


    Dragons in a Bag by Zetta Elliott – (fantasy) 154 pages

    Sometimes fantastic adventures are waiting in your own building, when you least expect it. Jax’s Mom leaves him for the day with Ma, a mysterious and grumpy old lady upstairs, and it turns out many things are not what they seemed. (no leveling information) #ownvoices


    Sanity & Tallulah by Molly Brooks – (science, humor, graphic novel) 240 pages

    What happens when two girls who live on a space station are left unsupervised? Given that one is a genius, and the other is very good at bending rules, they grow a wonderful mutant pet, of course! Lots of chaos and humor and mad science in this fast paced science fiction graphic novel. (Unknown, 530GN)


    Gaby, Lost and Found by Angela Cervantes – (deportation, animals) 224 pages

    Gaby’s mom has been deported, and she’s suddenly living with her estranged father, despite the arrangement her mother had in place for her to live with family friends instead. As her mother tries to find her way back over the border, Gaby finds solace in a class project, helping out at the local animal shelter and finding comfort from the creatures there.(R, 640L) #ownvoices


    Dash by Kirby Larson – (WWII Japanese internment, local author, dog love) 256 pages

    Mitsi is a regular kid on Bainbridge Island, when Japan bombs Pearl Harbor. She and her family are sent to an internment camp, and she must leave her beloved dog, Dash, behind. Inspired by a true story. Previous GRC pick. (U, 570L)


    Front Desk by Kelly Yang – (immigration, humor, heart) 286 pages

    Mia’s family has recently immigrated to the US from China, and things have been much tougher than they expected. They’ve managed to land a job running a hotel, but their employer has turned nasty and the situation is deteriorating. Fortunately, Mia is an unstoppable force at both letter writing and making friends and she has a plan. Partially based on the author’s childhood. #ownvoices

    (Unknown, 640L)


    A Whole New Ballgame: A Rip and Red Book by Phil Bildner – (basketball, humor, autism, friendship) 332 pages 

    Rip and Red are looking forward to 5th grade – they are excited to be part of Ms. Hamburger’s classroom, they are psyched to try out for the 5th grade basketball program, and they’ve got their best friend routines in place. Little do they know what this year has in store: challenges, triumphs, and new ideas everywhere they look. (T, 540L)


    All copies are available at our school library, but due to the high demand your child may want to check them out from our local public library!

    If you have access to a computer, smart phone or tablet here are the links to e-book and audio versions of some of the Global Reading Challenge books

    The collected works on Overdrive  and can be accessed here:



    A button that takes you directly to that page is also now published here: -- right under the picture of the books – “explore 2020 E-books”


    Wednesday, January 22nd Author Susan Ross will be meeting with our Global Reading Challenge students to discuss her GRC book Kiki and Jacques.


    Wednesday, February 12th 10:30-11:30  In-School Global Reading Challenge


    Wednesday, March 4th GRC Semi-Final at the Seattle Downtown Library  9:30 -11:30


    Seattle Education Foundation  and Donors Choose Grants

    Our library has been awarded a $1,260 grant from the Seattle Education Foundation!  We will use these monies to buy all the nominees for our state picture, chapter book and nonfiction titles. A big thank you to Seattle Education Foundation.

    Our library has also received a grant from Donors Choose for the newest titles for our library! Our students that have been able to check out our newest books have written thank you notes to our generous donors.We have another DonorsChoose grant for those books we can't keep on the shelves, "Who Will Win? Readers!"

    If you would like to donate to our latest grant please go to 

    Daily Library News

    We are open for families and students to check out every day before and after school. Books are generally due in one week, but students may check in/out books each day before and after school.

    Please encourage your child to use the library. Ask them what they checked out, help them bring books back in a timely manner, and of course, read with them and set up time for them to read to themselves.

    Class check out times are as follows:

    Monday: C-3 (am), D-3 (am), B-1 (am), E-1 (am)

    Tuesday: C-2 (am), D-2 (am), K-1 (pm), A-1 (pm)

    Wednesday: Global Leadership Team

    Thursday: C-1 (am), D-1 (am), B-3 (am), E-3 (am), A-3 (pm), K-2 (pm)

    Friday:  B-2 (am), E-2 (am), K-2 (pm), A-2 (pm)

    Kindergarteners – 1 book
    1st Graders – 2 books
    2nd Graders – 3 book
    3rd Graders – 4 books
    4th Graders – 5 books
    5th Graders – 6 books
    Families – 5 books at a time

    Donations Accepted!

    We welcome any books that your family has outgrown or would love to share with our school community or if your child wants to trade a book they may use our “Trading Tower” where children trade books that they have outgrown.

    Volunteer Opportunities

    Beacon Hill International School Library has over 14,000 books, and receives hundreds of new books and other materials each year. This adds up to a lot of work! Ms. Thompson is always looking for volunteers for these tasks.

    • Shelving - the easiest and most needed form of help. You can schedule a regular day to help, or just drop in and shelve a few minutes when you are in the building.
    • Special Projects- If you'd rather help by coming in once and a while to do something else this is a choice as well. You could stamp or cover new materials, take pictures for our library wall, or help organize the library.

    If you are interested in any of these please drop by the library, email or call 252-2712.